monkey girl

a monkey sits

dogs bark, confused

finally, we have monkey photos! she loves her costume so much, i predict she'll be wearing it long after halloween. we were showing it off in college station and larry took some great photos, and she confused the heck out of those barky neighbor dogs. anyway, i enjoyed making this costume (good thing, since i could have bought one for what i spent on materials), and put lots of little details on it, like a belly button and furry toes. i made it big and took it in so she can wear it for another year or two if she wants to. of course, before long (maybe even next year), i no longer get to decide what she dresses as for halloween. :)

here we are at the end of day 8 of potty training. my opinion of how it's going depends on when you ask me. some days she has had only one accident (and those weren't really her fault, like waking up from a 2+ hr nap, or on the way home from a long grocery trip), and other days she seems to barely get any pee into the potty, sometimes insisting on getting up from the potty then promptly peeing on the floor (that's hard to deal with without getting annoyed). so, overall i think she's getting it -- she's started telling me some of the time when she needs to pee -- but it remains to be seen how this all ends up. with the inconvenient deadline of international travel in 9 days, we'll just have to play it by ear.

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