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here we are, six weeks or so into the whole potty training thing. i've been mostly silent on the topic (uh, on the blog, not in real life) since the initial mention because i wasn't sure which way it would go. well, i think i have to declair that she is (and has been since i'm not sure exactly when) officially potty trained.

she took to it pretty quickly, minus a rough patch while on vacation in mexico and the week following when she had a GI virus (can't expect that to go well for anyone, let alone a newly potty trained kid). at this point she has an accident (pee only) every other day or so on average, i'd say. last week she went 4 days with no accidents, which is the longest yet. her new addition to the skill set is to walk to the potty on her own (chanting "walk potty walk potty" as she does). the next step will be for her to be able to pull her own pants up/down (this would be easier in the summer, she could just be naked in the house... right now it's freezing in here so that's not an option).

i never expected to potty train a 17-month-old, and sometimes i feel defensive in that others may be judging me -- probably in the way i might have done in the past. one of the many lessons of motherhood... okay, also, i've learned how difficult it is to find tiny tiny underwear -- the smallest mass-produced size is 2T/3T, which nearly fits or reaches up near her armpits depending on the brand. lora found some that are brightly colored with dogs on them, which is so exciting -- since you can't just buy the boy/gender neutral version of underwear (like i do with baby clothes), what you get is either licensed characters or glitter pink fairy princess panties. ugh.

i'm proud of my baby. the real lesson is that she can do so much more than i expect she can. i keep trying to learn this lesson, but it's yet to stick.

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jetsmama said...

Kristy - I just want you to know how much I enjoy reading your entries. It's so fun to see pictures of Eva growing up, especially since we live so far away. All this time, I've been reading your thoughts and have been thinking myself, has Jeff done that yet or Jeff does that, but I can't remember when he started, etc. My memories, and more so feelings of motherhood were being lost. Then, I realized one day...start a blog for yourself. I have to tell you, I have been so tickled with myself. I usually don't have a chance to scrapbook pictures until 4-5 months later...and by then, I can't remember what I felt at the time and I have been left wishing I had written something down. Now, I have been. Thanks for being my inspiration! Also, I was looking at your flikr site of pictures and noticed how much Eva's hair has grown since October. I remember seeing one of the first pictures in pig tails then, and now her pig tails are so much longer. It was cute to see. Thanks for keeping us all invovled.