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horsey, originally uploaded by Kristy and Eva.

this is eva enjoying a round of "ride the horsey" with gram on larry's birthday. she knows it's almost time for "the horsey falls down"... and look at that anticipation! too cute. i managed to get her face in focus but keep the telling motion blur in her arms. we'll pretend that was skill rather than luck.

eva's been telling me the story of how "mama go airplane, fly 'way. eva stay papa." what did you do with papa? "eat food. play toys." after mama flew away, then what did mama do? "mama come back! find eva!" she seems to have a handle on this, but is still processing my overnight absense. i reassure her that i'm not going away again for a long time, and that mama always comes back.

last night i was telling eva more about the fact that auntie julie will be arriving today on an airplane. i said that she'll ride home with us in mama's car, then stay at our house and play with us. she thought for a minute, then said (pointing next to her), "julie sleep right there, little bed!" oh, you want auntie julie to sleep here next to you? sure, maybe she'll do that sometime. eva thougth for a minute more, then declaired "julie come house, lemma bark a julie." yes, eva, i think you know your dog pretty well. (last week every time lemma barked, eva said "lemma bark a man, man bring pizza!" i promise, we don't even get pizza that often!)

too cute. she's sick as of yesterday (just in time for julie's four day trip), so i need to go try this absorb-garlic-through-your-feet toddler natural rememdy i just heard about.

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