eva had another of her semiannual follow-up appointments with the pediatric endocrinologist today. it went well; they're pleased with her rate of growth (as has been carefully charted over the past year), and though she's not catching up, she's staying where she needs to be. she's 24.5 lbs and 33.5" (roughly, as best i'm remembering), which puts her at 3rd %ile for weight and 1st %ile for height -- and hey, we'll settle for "on the chart". good enough for us.

again, the theory is basically that she'll skate along at the very bottom edge of the chart, probably drop off a bit more throughout elementary school, and eventually catch up some time in high school (after hitting puberty later than her peers), to end up somewhere basically average, potentially around the 50th %ile. how's that for a detailed theory? in plain language, they're guessing she's a late bloomer. i'm not so tied to this theory, but i'm putting it here like a little time capsule. someday we'll say "that's exactly what happened!" or we'll say "oh, look how far off we were on that one..."

so, despite how little she eats (i swear it was no more than three bites of any meal or snack all day yesterday with the exception of a handful of pretzels), it seems she's doing okay. we have a repeat bone age x-ray and another follow-up appointment in six months. if by then she's still progressing well enough, we may only have to check in occasionally (to see if the above theory holds).

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jt said...

have you seen all this new research about early menarche predicting all sorts of bad stuff? she'll be better off:)