"i love u"

"i love u", originally uploaded by kelanew.

hazel is cooing at me from her post next to me on the floor. she has a way of getting my attention, so i won't write the blog post i was planning just now. in fact, i have one half-written that is already a month old! hazel, my dear one, some day when you bemoan the fact that i wrote more about eva when she was a baby than i did about your babyhood... take solace in knowing that often enough, i put the computer down so i could just stare at your cute face, or so i could do as i'm doing right now, and watch you roll back and forth from stomach to back, holding your head up high, grinning at your own accomplishments.

photo: eva wrote this card for me. in her words, "it says 'i love you', because i love you mama, but i wrote two Us but one looks like a V but that's okay." she did it all on her own, without the usual asking how to spell the words or how to make the letters. (for the record, "love" just happens to be one of the words she can spell/read.) we were shopping for some clothes for hazel a month ago, and she said "let's get this shirt that says 'love' on it." that's how i know she can spell it. i think that came from the valentine's day project. :)

okay, now that hazel has "crawled" several feet away from me by inching forward on her belly, i'm going for real. she's too much, that one. oh, love, indeed.

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