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i don't know what's been keeping me so busy this week, but i'm just now posting about easter... it's been one of those weeks throughout which i've felt like i've managed to "get nothing done", but really that just means i've not done the things on my ever-present little mental checklist (as in, i've not sewn a stitch in probaby a month). apparently by my own estimation, anything i do that's not on the checklist doesn't count. so, i should start adding things like "prevent eva from serious harm" to the list. check! i did accomplish something after all. i think i need to cut myself some slack once in a while.

for easter, we had a brunch egg hunt with our superfriends group. (oh, had i mentioned yet that that's the name? it is. let's move along and not get distracted. :) this gathering was originally conceived as being for those of us with no family committments, but interestingly that turned out to include the vast majority of us for an assortment of reasons (distance, heathenism, etc).

eva can't yet, ... well, *move*, so for her hunting eggs was somewhat modified to picking up eggs after being toddled over to them. i think she even dropped one into her little basket, but that was possibly a fluke. she enjoyed watching all the other kids and the dogs, and even more-or-less fended off the advances of an older, more enterprising toddler who began to hunt eggs out of her basket. the whole scene was really fun, with nine (?) sets of parents alternately assisting and photographing the kids (who seemed to get the general idea of finding eggs but were easily distracted by eating the veggie booty snacks contained within).

i may be biased, but i'm quite certain this photo is one of the sweetest i've taken, maybe ever. i just love the expressions on each of their faces, and it really captured the moment as it was. the two great loves of my life, i could just melt. okay, off to bed to join that sleeping baby...

wait, one last thing: today after eva's bath, neither of us had dressed yet and i was holding her on my hip and talking to larry. while i was thus distracted, i guess eva decided she wanted a snack and she managed to inch her head down just low enough to latch on. she was happily looking around at larry (who was, like me, trying to rein in his laughter) as if to say "what? it's here, i'm hungry. what's so funny?" so i walked her over to the bathroom mirror and she saw what That Baby in the reflection was doing and found it pretty amusing and broke into a big sly grin. this girl is too funny.

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