mama's mom


my mom was just visiting (3/26-4/5), and it was so great having her here. we had a lot of fun hanging out with eva and kept really busy, doing some activity pretty much every day. we went to playgroup and the park (and i was glad she could meet my friends). we went to a petting zoo (eva didn't like it when the bunny hopped right up to her face), swimming at big stacy pool, and the wildflower center (not so many flowers this drought year). we did errands and shopping, and of course had to go to the new whole foods. we had a little party for larry's birthday, hung out with jenny and cassia, took eva to be in a recearch study at UT, and picked out a bike trailer (which is our chirstmas present from them about which i hadn't yet managed to make a decision). i can barely even remember all the things we did, but mostly it was just so nice having my mom around and doing all the everyday things together. sometimes it's really sad to be so far away from my family -- especially now that eva is involved. you know, back when i had the bright idea to move across the country, it didn't really occur to me then at age 17 that my choice meant my future daughter would grow up far from her grandparents and aunts. but i guess i wouldn't do it differently, it's just frustrating... and sad. wait, i was talking about the happy visit with my mom, not all this sad stuff.

i was glad mom got to see eva swimming (since she won't have that chance again for a while, given that i doubt we'll be doing much swimming in alaska this summer). eva really loves the water, and we're lucky to have hit swimming weather at just the right developmental stage so that she cares about the water but doesn't think it's scary. she mostly likes to kick kick kick (hurray for reflexes) while hanging on to my arm and will float on her back with just my hand under her head if it's not too sunny (she really seems to hate having the sun in her eyes). she's also fine with submerging with me, but i can't say if she likes it or not. the plan (as much as there ever is one) is to go swimming 2-3 (or more) times a week throughout the summer.

oh, i forgot, we also started music classes while my mom was here. the class is pretty fun even for mamas, and eva seems to love it. it's mixed ages, so she gets to watch all the "big" kids, and when i play the accompanying cd at home or in the car she gets really excited and loud. (loud in a good way.)

eva had her 9 month exam today, and all is well as expected. she weighs 18 lbs 8 oz, and is 50th %ile in all measurements. oh, and lora, it's finally happened: she now weighs the same as the dog! that's a milestone if i've ever heard of one. when eva first arrived, the dog quickly began to seem impossibly heavy, so i guess that means now eva's impossibly heavy? it's all relative, soon this will seem light in comparison.



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