word to your mother

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larry took this shot yesterday, after doing some product/publicity shots for me and my theoretical business. we have beautiful lighting in our bedroom, we should move the bed elsewhere and make it a studio!

today eva confirmed a suspicion i've held for a while now: she seems to have said her first word. i feel weird about saying it (and i promised myself i was going to stop going on and on about this), like it somehow shouldn't count since the first consonant wasn't right or since 10 other people weren't there to hear it. but, a third party understood what she said, and she communicated her point to me, which seems like talking to me. you know?

anyway, we were out delivering a sling to someone, and eva was sitting on the sofa as stood in front of her. i was a bit distracted demonstrating the sling, and i suddenly realized eva is saying "gog, gog, gog!" i was thinking it sounded an awful lot like when she talks about a dog (based on how she says it to/about lemma). she was leaning way over to peer around my legs staring intently, and sure enough, when i followed her gaze into the next room, there was a dog looking in the kitchen door. i looked back at her and said "yes, you found a dog!" and she got this big satisfied grin. i'm sure it's pretty exciting when someone can finally understand you. (larry's comment: is it weird that her first word is "dog"?)

incidentally, she still says "ghak" for light, but i don't count that since it doesn't sound like the actual word. she is signing more for light though, and starting to sign for milk (she signs while nursing, rather than to request it). i feel like this blog has turned into a giant brag lately, but i had to post the first official word. hopefully on to other things again soon.


Alyssa said...

Brag away!!! How can you not shout to the top of the hills when a new skill has been aquired or a milestone reached? It is just so exciting!!

Oh, and Tyler's first word was "cat", so don't feel bad about "dog". And he STILL does NOT call me "mama" or "mommy" or anything close - unless you count "daddy" which I get on occasion. :-p (and Daddy gets "daddy" all the time...)

Kristy said...

Yeah, I suppose it's not so surprising. I mean, Larry and I both talk about the dog a lot, because Eva is interested in her. Another mom today mentioned first words of "cat" and "fan", it's funny how similar it can be for different babies...