happy slow morning

sock hand, originally uploaded by Kristy and Eva.

eva's been running around the house for the past 10-15 minutes saying "dot com! dot com... dot com dot com, dot com!" she heard an expedia commerical, the one where they sing "expedia... Dot COMMMMM!" and i guess it struck a chord with her.

dot com. dot com. lemma, dot com! hey mama? hey mama? mama, dot com! eva dot com. i wanna side milk!

there, that's a transcript of what she was saying as i was typing. :) she's only about 8 or 9 years too late for the dot com boom, though. oh well.

her saying "hey" (as seen above) is the new thing. that and "uh-huh"... hmm, it's almost like she's learning to talk from me, she sounds just like me! nothing like having a child to hold up a mirror to all your quirks and flaws. (she also says "lemma no lick!" in a very exasperated voice... wonder where she picked that up?)

"dot com. dot com. dot com." here we go again. larry just pointed out that by laughing at it the first time (i can't help it, it was funny!) that i've basically guaranteed that she'll keep saying it all day. true.

this photo (from a morning not unlike this one) is of eva's new fun game of bringing me socks and insisting that i put them on her hands ("sock a hand, mama! sock a hand!"). not sure how she ended up with four different colors, but some days are like that.

like that, or she's quoting tv commercials (busted! we have the tv on in her presence...) we're generally so busy, though, running all over town to playgroups or to friends' houses or running errands, that i like these slow, goofy mornings where everyone is in their pajamas until naptime. i'm enjoying this while it lasts... life is busy enough with a toddler, but it will only get more and more busy from here on out (for a couple decades at a minimum, anyway...)

"ah wahn cheese!" she says.

okay, off i go. lunch, nap. then maybe we'll consider getting dressed. or, maybe not.

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