bunny nigh-night, originally uploaded by Kristy and Eva.

this morning i had this deeply disorienting sensation... i believe it's known as "rested"? i'm being silly, but it really was a strange feeling.

i fell asleep putting eva to bed at 8:30 onward, and didn't manage to wake back up like i usually do (and stay up until 2). i think she asked for milk once and potty around 5 (then asked for milk a lot for two hours), but didn't nurse until the sun came through the windows at 7:15. that's over 10 hours without nursing! that's the longest ever...

i put her back to sleep twice already this evening (once from a sort of sleep-walking state), and both times, i pulled the blanket up, handed her her bunny, and didn't even need to lay down and she was out. i was even able to leave the room before she was fully asleep. this is a big change, she used to be so sensitive to my sneaking away, and would start awake at the slightest rustle (i became a master at launching myself over the bedrail without a sound).

this is all well and good, but as of today she seems to be beginning teething for her two year molars (i noticed yesterday they were swollen, and she was kind of psychotic all day despite a solid nap). when we get to the bad teething, i may wish i hadn't nightweaned, but we'll figure that out when we get there. for now, i'm enjoying the improved sleep.

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