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so much has happened in the past couple weeks, that i am still sort of processing and can't seem to get myself to write about all of it just yet (or so it seems by my choosing to do anything but blog the past several days). so i thought i'd break back in by relating a conversation i had today with eva as we were driving away from the grocery store.

eva: "mama, eva want that magazine. eva want to read it."
mama: "okay, um... (wrenching my arm back trying to reach it while not driving into a tree) ... here you go. what's on that magazine?"
eva: "a woman!" (it's a copy of "pregnancy" magazine.)
mama: "oh, there is?"
eva: "uh-huh. that woman have a baby inside her body."
mama: "oh, she does?"
eva: "uh-huh, in her belly!"

wow. i've told her that maybe twice (in relation to sarah's pregnancy, i think). kids are such sponges! so we proceeded to have a conversation about how the baby starts out so tiny (eva's new thing is distinguishing between "small" and "tiny"), but then they grow bigger and bigger and then they come out... (remember, fiona used to be in sarah's belly and now she lives at liam's house?). i even explained how auntie karen has a baby in her belly, but it's still so tiny, and how mama's trying to have a baby in her belly, too, but so far it's "not working" (a favorite phrase of hers). so... not a conversation you generally have with a kid under two, but she seemed interested so i went with it. :)

i'll catch up on all that's been going on soon, once i give my brain a rest first. oh, and can anyone believe eva will be TWO in less than a month? she's fond of saying oh-seven oh-seven oh-seven (the date of her birthday this year.) "eva gonna have a birthday. eva's birthday in alak-sa." aww. she and her grandparents are going to fall in love all over again, i can see it already.

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