morning adventure

almost two

earlier this morning, eva put on larry's stocking hat and went over to her stroller and said "bye-bye. i'm going to work." i said, "with your stroller?" "uh-huh. i take bunny to work." oh, that's a progressive job you have, then, if you can take your "baby" to work with you. "uh-huh." larry asked, where are you going to work? "i go on a big airplane." oh really? where are you going on the airplane? "to germany." well, that makes sense. how would she know anyone goes anywhere to work, other than via airplane? as far as she knows, work equals laptop. she'll go up to one of larry's spare laptops (there are currently four laptops in our living room, long story) and "type" and say proudly, "i'm working, mama!" (not unlike her uncle john's work on his "dinnertation" when he was a kid and grampy was finishing grad school.) so, off she went with her stocking cap and baby stroller to go to work in germany. "i'm packing up, mama."

she went off for a while and i went back to my task, noticing on the edge of my attention that she was empting an entire drawer and collecting objects from other assorted places. this is what i saw next:

setting off

her stroller contained: a bib, a dvd remote, a plastic wind-up fish toy, two pajama bottoms, one pajama top, a journal, a wii remote, an asthma inhaler, a wireless mouse, a blue walkie-talkie ("woppy-hoppy"), a cell phone, two quarters, a bobby pin, and of course bunny. i guess she was all packed up for her business trip. (this assortment also says a lot about our household, i think.)

after i took her picture, she put the quarters on the lens cap and said, "i'm making food for papa and mama and eva." what kind of food are you making? "tofu food!" she then added a yellow block and a bracelet to the plate, artfully arranged, and adorned her table setting with colorful bells, which i believe were reported to be "for coffee". after she was done with food, she passed me certain bells (yellow, orange, and blue), gathered up two green and a red for herself, and belted out a tune, accompanying herself on the bells. "i'm having fun singing a song, mama." you sure are.

snuggling bunnysmile, bunny

earlier this morning, we ate waffles with strawberries and cream cheese for breakfast, cleaned up and washed dishes, went potty twice, took bunny potty after changing his (her?) diaper and giving him mama milk, talked about what our friend baby dashiell might be doing at ella's house, colored, played night-night with papa (a good sleepy papa morning game), made a family pile (eva on mama's back and mama on papa's back), discussed which toys we can and can't throw ("i don't throw hard toys", she just reported), rocked in the rocking chair, played hide-and-seek, and a few other things i'm forgetting.

sometimes i wonder (or just forget) what we do all day. then i see how much we do in two short hours -- some of it eva playing on her own, and some all of us together -- and i am reminded. i so enjoy accompanying her on her grand adventures, and i love that all of it is so full of imagination.

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