dear santa

dear santa, originally uploaded by Kristy and Eva.

on christmas eve, karen and john and larry and i helped eva and sarah write a letter to santa. we suggested some general topics, but the words are theirs (well, toward the end they got a bit more distracted. the most humorous part was when i suggested they tell santa who was in their family, who they loved. eva piped up with "i love uncle john!" aww, nice. anyone else? hmm, ... silence. no one else of note, it seems. :)

Dear Santa,
Baby Katherine is very little. She likes to lay down. We have milk and cookies for you. Sarah and Eva made the cookies and everybody helped. Find the cookies near the fireplace. Santa, you will say "ho, ho, ho"! We are all at Gram's house in College Station. Today we played in the morning, and we played outside. Does Santa want to play outside? That's Panowah in Mama(Kristy)'s belly, and Katherine is out of Mama(Karen)'s belly. I love Uncle John.
Thank you for visiting us.
Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas.
From, Eva and Sarah

merry christmas!

reading hug

we had as nice a christmas as could be expected under the circumstances. as you can see, rita got all of us matching striped pajamas, so we had fun being all stripey and a bit silly. it was a mix of good times and hard times. i expect it will continue that way for a while.

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