.5 yrs?!

monday, eva had her 6 month appointment with dr. cox. everything seems on track as one would expect. she weighed in at 15 lbs 12 oz, which means that she has gained exactly 10 pounds in 6 months. that may not sound like much in absolute terms, but that's approaching tripling her birth weight, which makes me dizzy to think about too much. she's 50th %ile in weight and length -- i never thought i'd care much about such things, but 50th sounds so much nicer than the "under 10th" thing we were hearing when she was born.

on tuesday, she had her (now monthly) physical therapy appointment for her torticollis, affectionately (?) known around here as "her neck thing". her therapist was pleased with her progress, and we're all growing increasingly unconcerned about the whole issue.

today eva delighted in grabbing her foot (for maybe the third time ever) during some diaper-free naked time. oh, and she got startled and peed all over when the dog started crazy barking during the same diaper-free naked time. thanks, dog! but earlier when i was cooking, lemma licked eva's hand to comfort her when eva started crying, so i guess it evens out. okay, dog, you can stay. (poor dog... so neglected these days...)

photos: 15 hours and 5 months. look how tiny she was! i'd have a 6 month photo for comparison, but the newer photos are still on the camera. and i'm sleepy, so this is good enough.

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