Bath in the Big Blue Tub
Originally uploaded by Kristy and Eva.
this has been a strange week. through various events (playgroup on thursday, hike & picnic on friday, mama's brunch on sunday), the majority of babies in our group managed to share rotavirus with each other. eva, luckily, has a relatively mild case, but nonetheless, she's not been too cheery this week. as a consequence of all this contagiousness, we've been homebound and feeling a bit isolated. four days in the house and no contact with other moms (okay, except for about a thousand email messages back and forth) has reinforced how important this group is for me. i don't know how i would be a (mostly sane) mom without them. how do people parent without social support?

this photo is from about a month ago in north dakota. we gave eva a bath in mom's newspaper recycling tub in the middle of the living room. she seemed to like it, and lately has been really enjoying baths in our big bathtub at home. she loves to splash and kicks like crazy when she's on her back -- i knew those breech baby froggy legs would come in handy! i just have to make sure she doesn't do a face plant into the water when reaching for the rubber ducks. i can't wait to take her swimming when it warms up outside.

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