first date

got mom?
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yesterday was my 30th birthday. larry and i had our first "date" since eva's arrival... we went out to lunch while two friends of mine (along with their babies) watched eva. i had a glass of wine and even dessert, and i sat down the entire time, no bouncing! it was quite lovely, but we returned to find eva hadn't enjoyed her time so much. it's pretty hit-or-miss, so i'm convincing myself not to feel bad about it.

this was made possible by our babysitting co-op. it's pretty genius, really. we all start with 3 hours credit, and then watch each other's babies during daytime hours as requested. payment is made with our currency of plastic counting bears, worth 15 minutes each. often, two moms will watch a baby because 3:2 is a better ratio than 2:1, and in that case payment is split between the moms. it's really nice to be able to have a doctor's appointment or get a haircut -- or even go on a date for your birthday -- without having to worry about finding and paying some random sitter. plus, since this was born out of our attachment parenting playgroup, we all have the same basic philosophy about parenting and know each other (and each other's kids) pretty well. brilliant.

this photo is from two days ago. i love it when her whole face lights up like that.

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