first solids

Originally uploaded by Kristy and Eva.
ah, carrots. they really do help one's eyesight except if one puts
them directly into one's eye. last weekend eva had a taste of her
first solid food, which was steamed carrots mashed with a fork. she seemed to have sort of a neutral response, not loving them but not spitting them out either. she did make funny faces, though. it's as though she's spent most of her life thus far trying to get everything within reach into her mouth, and now that one of those things is actually food, she's rethinking her whole agenda. yesterday (we're in college station) eva tried some avocado and had about the same reaction, but less intensely. i think she's warming up to this whole solids thing. of course, solids in the first year are less for nutrition and more for social development and to let them explore tastes and textures. not surprisingly, the conventional wisdom about the vast amounts of solid food babies should eat is based on babies weaned by 6-9 months or those on formula. it took me a while to figure that out... i couldn't see why my breastfed baby should be expected to eat so much food.

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