the seven month report

today eva is seven months old! during the past month she: got her first two teeth, mastered sitting up, started babbling more than ever (consonants have moved from b&p to v&f and recently to g&k, it's "kha gha kha!" all day long), spent her first time with a non-family caregiver, decided papa is just so very hilarious (especially when one of them is upside-down), gained much interest in watching the dog (and grabbing her when lemma consents by not fleeing), learned (and forgot and relearned) how to use a sippy cup, was in a car accident (i'm finally okay about driving, but still panic and can barely breathe every time i have to come to a complete stop on the highway), has started taking much delight in the shadow of her hand (and to a lesser extent, chewing on the remote control), outgrew a ton of clothes, had her first (fairly mild) illness, figured out how to get her feet into her mouth, experienced swinging in the fun playground swings, fell and bonked her head on the hardwood floor causing both of us to cry, had her first official solid food (carrots, two days ago, more on that later), started spending even more time (3 or 4 days each week) seeing her friends, produced a dimple in her left cheek completely out of nowhere, and decided baths are pretty much the greatest thing ever. so that's the update for those of you far away; as you can see, she's had a busy month. no wonder we're a little tired today. [the photo captions always disappear when i insert a second photo, but that is eva having her first meal ever and eva eating a few days ago. she still looks up at me with wide eyes, but no longer has vernix in her ear. aaah, vernix.]

today our friends jenny and gregory welcomed cassia jepkemei collins into the world. we are so happy for them. eva stared at cassia's photo and clearly can't wait to meet her. welcome, cassia!

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jt said...

wow - cassia's first mention in a blog - and on the very day she was born, no less. how exciting!