big girl

eyes, thumb

yesterday eva had some funny milestones. first, she played along with her friends at playgroup more than she has before. they were all splashing around at a water table, and eva joined in. (for the uninitiated, this is basically what it sounds like: a sandbox on toddler-sized stilts but with water instead of sand. or, a pool that is too little and too high to get into, at least in theory, but you can imagine how that might play out.) she stood up along the edge with the boys and held on with one hand while she splashed away. it was so cute, she looked like such a kid to me. they all got totally soaked, so there was much stripping down of the little ones shortly thereafter. oh, and the other little milestone: i set her down in the yard sans picnic quilt, so she busied herself by gathering fistsful of grass and shoving it into her mouth. today i noticed she had dirt under her fingernails (they're due to be clipped and thus are a bit long). this is a first. she got dirty, from playing! i think i'm being a bit weird, but i thought it was really something worth noting.

i took some photos yesterday, and i like this one because of her eyes. she looks at me like this when she nurses, so it just looks really familiar and cozy to me.

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