today we had playgroup, which was also a surprise birthday party for ella. we decided to see if we could manage a group photo of all the little ones, and due to the fact that they were easily disoriented by the sudden and loud strains of "itsy bitsy spider" coming from the mamas, we were successful. i think it will be really fun to do this periodically so we can watch them grow up together. so cute!

eva had so much fun today playing with her friends, it's really a treat to watch her become more social, even though she's the youngest of this group. oh, and she had her first ride in the new car today! what a treat.

top photo, l-r: carter (13 mo), river (12 mo), ella (12 mo), ewan (15 mo), thomas (seated, 9 mo), nick (15 mo), eva (seated, 7 mo), tyler (seated in front, 15 mo), liam (14.5 mo), ashley (10 mo), and piper (14 mo). not pictured, milosh (12 mo).

bottom photo, front (l-r): wendy and ella, meredith and river, kristy and eva, sorcha and thomas, kori and carter. rear (l-r): christal and ashley, stephanie (the twins' pal) and nick, kelley and ewan, sarah and liam, alyssa and tyler, susan and piper. not pictured, elizabeth and milosh.

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gregory said...

the group foto of the babies is too cute!