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welcome sweet baby...

yesterday, may 23 2008 (our tenth anniversary) at 3:31 p.m., we welcomed hazel into our family. she was born at home in water, and the birth was witnessed by eva and my mom as well as larry, two friends, and two midwives. she's a bit bigger than her sister was, measuring in at 7 pounds even and 20 inches.

more details later, but the labor and birth went smoothly and we are so pleased to have had a beautiful home birth. such a peaceful way to welcome our new daughter into our family.

we're all doing well (if a bit tired), eva is thrilled as can be, often checking on hazel and comforting her with kisses and songs. we look forward to introducing her to more family and friends over the coming days and weeks.

(if you like, click through on the above photo to see more photos on my flickr site.)

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Anonymous said...

Lovely. I read your other blog and popped over her to see the baby pics. I'm so glad all went well and you are both doing fine. :> And I love her name.